Hi, my names Ann. I'm 18. I'm from Boston. I have a passion for music. I like to attend concerts quite often. I follow back. I like to play my guitar. I'm kind of an awkward person, and don't do well under pressure. So, I hope you get to know me and welcome to my tumblr. :) _________________________________ Links:|Twitter |Meet and Greets | Lists |Selfies | Bands/Artist | - |
The Grand Finale, Friday July 25th


We’re nearing the end of a week of strong protests for Market Basket. For anyone not following along, please read this. And please consider signing the petition, as customer voices are the strongest force at our disposal. Arty T. Demoulas has done SO much for this company and we want him back…

Anonymous asked: You're beautiful and don't deserve any of the bad things that have been happening to you. Keep your head up <3

Thank you


Yes, I would like a baby goat loaf, please

My self esteem has plummeted since the spring. I’ve gain so much weight it’s unreal. I don’t know if it’s noticeable, but I’ve noticed. And it’s gone down even more because my, now ex, boyfriend cheated on me. When will I ever be good enough?

Should I make my icon this or keep the b&amp;w one?
  (Idk what my hands doing tho)